Fish Soup
Small Azeitão Cheese
Mixed Salad W/ Peppers
Mixed Salad
Mixed Salad W/ Tuna
Chaves Ham - large plate
Chaves Ham - small plate
Black Pork loin saussage - big plate
Black Pork loin saussage - small plate
Asparagus with ham
"Bulhão Pato" Clams – portion



Monkfish Rice w / Seafood
Prawns "Pincho"
Prawns Curry
"Lagareiro" Codfish
Fillets of Hake w / Seafood Rice
Flounder w / Shrimp - Price Per Kg
FRESH FISH - Price Per Kg.
SALTED Sea bass
Grilled Flounder
Grilled Seam bream
SALTED Sea bream
"Guilho" Prawns
Grilled Red Mullet
Grilled or Fried Turbot
Grilled or Fried Brill
Cooked or Grilled Snapper
Cooked or Grilled Wreckfish
Cooked or Grilled Grouper
Wreckfish or Grouper Head
National Lobster
Cooked or Grilled Crawfish lobster
Cooked Cascais Spider crab
Barbecued Tiger Prawn
Cooked Prawns
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Grilled Beef Entrecote
Loin Steak with Peppers
Breaded Veal Scallops
Grilled Pork

Average Price


Average price from 25€ to 35€